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Birthdate:Feb 26
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America

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a dog's breakfast, alex krycek, alex krycek/david hodges, alvin and the chipmunks, apocolyptica, apulanta, ben/riley, brokeback mountain, cain/glitch, century hotel, cky, colin versus the glass jar, criminal minds, csi, csi:ny, cube, david hodges, david hodges/ryan wolfe, david/ryan, dinozzo/gibbs, doctor who, drawing, ellison/sandburg, empire records, family album, finn mckay, finnish, first monday, forrest gump, french, gay rights, gender equality, german, gibbs/dinozzo, gibbs/tony, glenn miller, glitch/cain, greg/gil, greg/nick, grissom/hodges, haggard, happy feet, harry potter, heartagrams, him, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, hodges/grissom, hodges/ryan, house, house/chase, house/wilson, house/wilson/chase, ice men, j2, jackass, jackasstwo, james/sirius, jim/blair, john barrowman, jonas/rodney, kansas, kiss dolls, knitting, led zeppelin, little miss sunshine, love, m*a*s*h, mcgee/palmer, mcgee/palmer/abby, mckay/quinn, mcshep, mercedes lackey, mulder/krycek, my friend the monster, mythbusters, ncis, negative, nick/gil, nick/greg, nick/greg/gil, nothing, numb3rs, owls, pendragon, penguins, pirates of the caribbean, playing piano, quinn/mckay, reading, reid/gideon, remus/sirius, riley/ben, rodney/john, rodney/jonas, ron/draco, russian, ryan wolfe, ryan/greg, sam/dean, sammessiah, scott/kurt, scott/logan, seabiscuit, sheppard/beckett, sheppard/mckay, sky high, spaceballs, spencer/gideon, star wars slash, star wars: a new hope, star wars: empire strikes back, star wars: the return of the jedi, stargate, stargate: atlantis, supernatural, survivor, swat katz, synnin viemää, t.a.t.u., ten inch hero, the 69eyes, the andrews sister, the chipettes, the chipmunk adventure, the dudesons, the eagles, the giving tree, the last herald mage, the looking glass wars, the producers, the rasmus, the sacrament, thoughtcrimes, thug2, tin man, tinman, tony/jethro, torchwood, treed murray, vampires, ville valo, viva la bam, warren peace, warren/will, weecest, will stronghold, wincest, wizard of oz, writing, ♀♀
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