First post at DW, which I rather like the layout of. Hopefully though, we will soon be able to add more interests.

I suppose I'd better take the opportunity to tell a little about myself.

My name is RoxAnne, I'm 21, and I am currently unemployed as of yesterday. I love fandom, video games, and other nerditry.
I'm new to Trek, yes, because of the reboot movie (much to my girlfriend's chagrin), but I'm also going through TOS and the books.

I have a girlfriend, of three years and it's more than a little bit complicated.

Currently my big fandom is Supernatural. Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, and NCIS also hold a place in my heart.

Right now I'm hooked on Dragon Cave, cause my girlfriend loves getting me addicted to stuff.

My Dragon Cave Incubator (which may or may not be updated, but at the moment that's a good thing cause I can prove I lost my stone eggie in the recent crash):

weebleroxanne's Dragons

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